NOT thinking about breast cancer? Well, here at Learn Look Locate we are connecting with people all over the world to say this disease does NOT discriminate one bit. BREAST CANCER, for some reason is now affecting MORE and MORE PEOPLE under 40 and under 30 and yet young women can’t get mammograms!!!! So what to do?!!! Check YOURSELF! KNOW your normal and the signs and symptoms of all types of breast cancer.

We need to keep telling our stories to our friends and relatives! We need to share on social media and in conversations 12 MONTHS a year! We need to connect globally! Breast cancer has no borders! I was the age that most people think this disease would happen and I had no idea that I had a walnut-sized tumor and NEVER did a self breast check because I have NO family history!

HOW old were you when diagnosed? Did you have family history? Did you think you were too young to get breast cancer?

Now if you were diagnosed, what do you want the world to know? How do you feel? Do you think enough is being done for women under 40? Please share! Let’s discuss this! Let’s do this differently so we can reach more people NOW! Sorry for all the caps:), I just can’t believe how many women under 40 are being diagnosed and I want to help raise your voices and discuss this so…. THIS CHANGES NOW and FOREVER!