To Reconstruct or Not?

This is a difficult topic for any woman who is dealing with breast cancer. Between the diagnosis, the pathology report, and the treatment, one might be happy to just get the tumor out as quickly as possible. This is a very big decision and a huge topic for breast cancer survivors. Some chose to remain flat, and don’t want any more surgeries. They have accepted the new normal, but others want to go forward with reconstruction.

Learn Look Locate Ambassador, Christine, author of “Walk Beside Me” and a 6 year survivor, who had textured implants removed due to the recent cancer correlation, says “It is very difficult road for women so my advice would be to think twice about reconstruction, make sure you know the risks, do a lot of homework, know all the options and whether or not you want a foreign substance in your body.”

This is a very important discussion for women who have gone through breast cancer.