Thoughts on Empathy and Imagination

It’s amazing how when life throws at you a traumatic experience it propels you to learn so much more about your true self than ever before. It’s as though you were just living on auto pilot and then due to a certain diagnosis or event you are faced with so much within yourself, your perspective on life and the people in it.

What I have found is that my diagnosis has helped me create space for so many new ways of looking at myself, my life and the people in it in ways that I NEVER would have before.

There is now room for so much more people that I feel understand who I TRULY am, the creativity that I always had but never took the time to truly explore and a sense of empathy that connects me with people on a level that is just far deeper than it was before my diagnosis.

I am developing so much more power in just the way I live my life now more than ever….deeper and fuller in different ways that feel full of peace, understanding and connection. How has a traumatic experience changed you and has it helped your new way of living?