The Fingerprint of Your Tumor

Your Tumor is Unique and has it’s own set of fingerprints.

There are tests to help us understand the personality of a tumor called genomic assays. These tests analyze the activity of certain genes in early-stage breast cancer. This is also using the precision medicine dissecting the tumor down to the microscopic level to see the unique characteristics which translates into actionable information which helps your doctor make medical decisions in your best interest.

I learned about a test called MammaPrint. It is an early-stage personalized  breast cancer that looks at the genomic behavior of YOUR tumor to help guide treatment decisions for both chemotherapy and endocrine therapy. I am so glad I got a MammaPrint test to help ease my anxiety after my diagnosis..

I want to empower anyone diagnosed with breast cancer to ask for a genomic assays test so they know more about their diagnosis and treatment options.

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