Triple Negative/BRCA 1⁠, Michigan

One day you are minding your own business and then BOOM, you discover a lump, and no day will ever be the same again. For me, this day was monumental to who I have become. I am not only a BRCA 1 thriver but a cancer survivor at 24 years old. More specifically, I was diagnosed with Stage III Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. ⁠

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By the time I called my doctor to the time I was diagnosed, it took 3 weeks for the monster to grown-up to over 2 inches inside of me. If I would have dismissed this lump for even 3 more weeks, my story would be completely different. Early detection saved my life. I was given a second chance to raise awareness about the Breast Cancer gene or BRCA and be an advocate for how critical self-breast checks are in women and men. ⁠

Cancer is not discriminatory. I say this because when I was diagnosed I was naive to believe that I was invincible. I was living a fast-paced lifestyle, staying active, eating well, and overall just doing whatever 20-somethings do as a young professional.

Since then, my life has been anything but that of a young professional. I go to numerous appointments, get poked an infinite amount of times, endured 5 months of chemotherapy treatment, and to top it all off, I had a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Although my treatment is similar to most beautiful survivors, everyone has their own story. That is what makes being apart of this community so beautiful. ⁠

If I can offer any advice, it would be to familiarize yourself with your body. Knowing what feels right and what doesn’t can save your life. It saved mine. All you have to do is listen to it!”⁠