Spend some time with Dr. Barry Rosen, Breast Surgical Oncologist

When you were diagnosed did you spend hours surfing the net looking up everything about your diagnosis? I sure did, I sepnt hours on numerous websites trying to connect the dots and putting the pieces of this complex disease together, by myself!

I was overwhelmed with so much all at once, so I wanted to make it easier for anyone faced with this diagnosis. I wanted people to connect with others who have gone through it and also hear from the medical professionals on what to be empowered about regarding their diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

I am so fortunate to have Dr. BARRY ROSEN, Breast Surgical Oncologist and Senior Medical Advisor dedicate his time with me for over an hour!! I asked him all the questions I would have loved to have answered when I was alone searching online and making myself so anxious and scared.

Go spend some time with Dr. ROSEN on the new web page called Patient Education under the EDUCATE TAB. DR. ROSEN rakes the time to clearly explain many aspects of the disease. I wish I had this when going through my journey. Let me know what you think. More interviews coming from all the medical advisors to empower you about all aspects of breast cancer.