Putting the Pieces Together

When diagnosed were you really overwhelmed and confused?

Did you know all the new terms and the role of each doctor and the type of cancer yours was and what it all meant? Did you know about genetic testing, the benefits of 3D mammography or what a tumor could feel like?

Did you know that having dense breasts could be a huge risk factor for getting breast cancer? Did you know that there are tests called genomic assays that can help determine if you need chemo or not?

Did you know that aesthetic flat closure was an option after your mastectomy? Did you know that there is another option called Diep Flap where you can use your own skin to create new breasts? Did you know that you can get Lymphedema after your surgery and there are ways to help prevent it? Did you know what a pathology report was and how important it was to understanding your diagnosis and treatment plan?

Okay, you get the idea, the list goes on….well, hopefully Learn Look Locate is helping you not only to put the pieces all together but to connect with others who understand and can connect with you and relate to what you are going through.

If you haven’t yet, please spend some time on website. I hope you find it to be a resource for you, a warm authentic outreach filled with information in a way that resonates and has a bit of a human touch with some amazing doctors behind each page giving you comforting guidance on your journey.