The morning blend and Learn Look Locate

Connecting Physicians and Survivors: The Global Outreach of Learn Look Locate

The journey to breast cancer awareness and education is a continuous one. With every advancement in medical science, the need to educate, inspire, and connect survivors and the general public becomes more paramount. Cynthia Jordan, the CEO and founder of Learn Look Locate, recently appeared on Morning Blend to discuss the vital role her organization plays in this journey.

The Global Mission of Learn Look Locate

From the outset, Cynthia stressed the importance of breast cancer awareness not being limited to a month but spanning throughout the year. Learn Look Locate, with its global outreach, is at the forefront of this mission. Connecting survivors worldwide, the organization boasts a team of 15 medical advisors, all working diligently to educate and inspire. Their aim? To break down complex medical jargon and present symptoms, treatments, and tests related to breast cancer in a digestible manner.

Advancements in the Breast Cancer Space

Cynthia acknowledges that many might not be up-to-date with the rapid advancements in breast cancer detection and treatment. From blood biopsies that monitor breast cancer recurrence to the revolutionary strides in genetic testing, the field is continuously evolving. One particularly innovative development Cynthia highlighted was the incorporation of artificial intelligence in mammography.

However, awareness doesn’t stop at these technological advancements. Cynthia’s personal journey underscores the significance of understanding the intricacies of mammography. With dense breasts, her mammogram failed to detect a tumor for what might have been years. Hence, it’s crucial for women to be aware of the risks associated with dense breasts and the potential limitations of mammography.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Learn Look Locate’s mission is not a solitary one. Collaborations play a pivotal role in maximizing the reach of their message. Their recent partnership with Walgreens is a testament to this synergy. As Cynthia rightly points out, medication’s side effects can be a significant concern for many undergoing treatment. The support provided by Walgreens, in tandem with the medical expertise offered by Learn Look Locate, creates a comprehensive support system for patients.

Conclusion: The Unified Mission

Cynthia Jordan’s passion and commitment to the cause resonate in every word she speaks. Learn Look Locate’s endeavor is not just about raising awareness but creating a genuine community grounded in support, knowledge, and hope. As advancements continue to emerge in the realm of breast cancer detection and treatment, organizations like Learn Look Locate remain essential beacons for those affected, ensuring that they are not alone in their journey.

For more insights and to be part of this incredible journey, you can watch the full interview here.