Meet Nikki-2x Survivor

Meet Nikk-She is a 2x SURVIVOR-YES 2X! She has been by my side from day one since I launched Learn Look Locate and has been SOOOO SUPPORTIVE and has become such a dear friend! Yes CONNECTED-it is so amazing how all of you have become such a big part of my healing process-THANK YOU-all of you from all over the world!⁠

Nikki and I have spoken on the phone and continue to check in on each other-almost like we have known each other for years-there is a special bond that breast cancer brings-don’t you agree? Almost like we would do ANYTHING for each other-no matter what because we have been there-we know what it feels like on so many levels.⁠

Thank you Nikki for your continued friendship, your support with my mission, your kind words of encouragement when I feel like nobody is listening. For always appreciating my wild stories that I do:) Thanks to all of you for connecting and helping create this unique platform to help us feel supported, connected and validated no matter where you live in the world! We are here for you-DM us -we will be here. ⁠

Nikkie’s thoughts:⁠

“I will always continue to say thanks for bringing all of these topics to the forefront, thanks to all who continue to share their story and emotional roller coaster that cancer has brought to them.⁠

You have shined a light on areas of this journey that have never been discussed and never visible or seen, but in the hearts of minds of all of us who have had to walk this journey.⁠

As I continue to heal mentally Learn Look Locate continues to help me.”⁠
-Nikki, 2x Survivor-