Meet Mindy

Mindy is a gift in so many ways to the breast cancer community. She is an emotional contributor for us and has inspired so many by sharing her journey and inspiring us with her beautiful authentic blogs and reels.
“What is the power that cancer has in your life? Is it a space that you permit it to occupy?

This life, this body, they’re yours. This is your house, your home, and you are the only invited occupant.

Cancer—the unwelcome visitor and our body’s greatest trespasser—has a way of not only setting up physical quarters in our bodies but also it works to establish residence in our hearts and minds. The scars, they run deeper than the flesh. Instead, they’re felt beneath… in the thoughts and memories that permeate our days.

But the beautiful thing is… even those deepest cuts can heal. Sure, it takes time. It has taken me years. Though I’ve suffered, I’ve refused to give up. I’ve refused to relinquish my joy and I’ve refused to accept a “new normal” in my own healing process. There are a number of things I’ve said *no* to and slipping below the surface, emotionally, is one… at least for very long.

I’ve recognized the toxic thoughts and I’ve worked fervently to disengage with each, one by one. I’ve attended my own funeral in my mind more times than I can count, and I release this experience, this vision, too. These places are spaces I’ve visited, places where I vow to always remain a passerby. It does not serve me to stand and watch, to experience the pain time and time again.

I release them all.

If you’ve been visiting unsafe memories and wounds in your heart after a cancer diagnosis, please join me in becoming a passerby. Keep walking with me. Don’t stop and let the darkness invite you in. Look in the window if you must, acknowledge its presence, but always keep moving.

Your mind and your body can again be safe spaces. You may not believe it yet, but it’s true. Only you have the power to permit who and what occupies each. And maybe, just maybe, it’s time to raise those “No Trespassing” signs.

Maybe it’s time to evict those that don’t belong… and to release that which does not serve you.”

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