Previvor, Virginia

Meet Mara – A Previvor at 29!

At the age of 29, I decided to get a preventative double mastectomy. This was a very easy decision for me. I started having recurring breast cyst at the age of 22, causing me to have 6 biopsies. This paired with my family history led me to a preventative mastectomy 5 years ago.

My grandparents have 5 daughters and 3 out of 5 have been diagnosed with breast cancer, my mom being one of them. Unfortunately, she lost her battle to breast cancer at the age 49. In my moms memory I have created Fully Focused Living to help breast cancer previvors, thrivers and survivors with emotional well-being, nutrition and education on the role toxins in foods and our environment have on healing, reoccurrence and prevention. For the past 4 years, I have had an opportunity to help many women on their journey including 2 of my aunts who are currently thriving after their breast cancer diagnosis.