Stage 2, Colorado

“Having just laid down on a Thursday night in late Nov, 2017 to sleep, Louisa (46 then) rolled over, brushing her hand against her left breast (whom she jokingly calls Lola) & found a golf ball size hard-as-a-rock lump.”

As she describes it, the room spun rapidly, slamming to a complete stop causing her to bolt upright—she knew exactly what she had found, breast cancer. Everyone asked the same question; how is this possible, you’re the healthiest person we know? Louisa, devoted to health, yoga, clean eating, & mental healing asked herself the same question. She found her medical team at U.C. Health in Aurora, CO, 6 hrs from where she lives in Durango. w/ one of the best young women’s breast cancer teams in the nation, she was able to strongly prepare herself for the long journey of active & post active treatment. Louisa is classified as Stage 2B, ER/PR+, H2- w/ a PTEN genetic variant, 90% in her favor. Due to cancer in her 1st lymph node, a 4cm lump in her breast, the high percentage of activity in her lump, & genetic rare disease variant, active treatment started quickly w/ a lumpectomy, three nodes removed, & 8 ACT Dose Dense chemo & 20 radiation (4-week clinical trial) rounds.

Though utterly terrified, Louisa was determined to beat cancer—she also was adamant to the cold cap to save as much of her hair as possible. Several months after active treatment was complete, she was in for her monthly blood panel when one of her tumor markers came back high as if she were a heavy smoker. Due to the numbers & her PTEN variant, Louisa’s med onc (whom she adores) had her do three PET scans, 3 MRIs, & a colonoscopy over a period of 9 months—all clean. “My med onc thinks this is just how I sit, but she watches me closely & I do my best to live life as fully as a can every day never missing 1 Tamoxifen dose (10 yrs),” Louisa says she is determined to help every single woman she can no matter where they are on this planet. “I will not drop any Pink Sister, ever. We need each other in a way that only Pink Sisters can understand. We must fight & never give up—Together.”