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Legacy and Love: Reflections on Life, Impact, and What Truly Matters

Have you ever wondered whether people will remember you after your death or not?

I think a lot of wanting to be remembered or leaving behind a legacy is our ego, and sense of self-importance. We think everyone should remember our greatness, our influence, and the work that we’ve done.

Our legacy is the culmination of our days, as stored in the hearts and minds of those we knew and loved. Considering your legacy reminds you about your impact on others, and forces you to evaluate your actions in that context. It forces us to stop and think on a much larger scale than we might otherwise.

If you care about how people remember you, thinking with an eye toward the future can impact your decisions. Thinking about your legacy can lead you to treat others with more kindness, empathy and fairness. It feeds the natural desire to act selflessly toward others.

But the downside of wanting to leave a legacy is that it can add a lot of stress, anxiety, and frustration to our lives. It distracts us. Rather than focusing on our personally meaningful work, we seek to win awards, accolades from our peers, and to be written in history books.

Not only that, but it makes us a slave to the opinions of others. You lose some of your personal freedom, trying to look pleasing in the eyes of others.

But as time goes on, I’m starting to realize that is less important. What is important for me is this: to help people today. The people living in today’s society. For me to do the best work I possibly can today. To be the best person I can possibly be. To not worry about the future. To not worry about my legacy, how I am remembered, and whether I’m even remembered or not.

I know at the end of the day, as long as I can empower even 1 person in the world, I have done my job. And isn’t that enough?

Finally, the only thing I truly and genuinely want to leave behind are four children that know that I love them beyond this life. Everything else is small beans in comparison.

At Learn Look Locate, we resonate with Tricia’s profound reflections on legacy and the importance of living for today. Our mission is not just about awareness; it’s about empowering individuals, just as Tricia strives to do. Whether it’s through education, support, or connection, we believe in making a difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer. Like Tricia, we know that even if we empower just one person, we have done our job. We invite you to join us in this mission, focusing on what truly matters, and embracing the love and strength that binds us all.