Feeling Good in Our Own Skin

I want to introduce one of my newest Ambassadors for Learn Look Locate. Lucy is 33 years old, stage 2 survivor and ovarian cancer previvor. We are honored to share her thoughts on finding comfort in her own skin again:⁠

“One of the biggest struggles about being a survivor is the fact that our bodies change so drastically during and after the treatments and the surgeries. It can be shocking and even life altering. I have so many scars on my body that I lost track after the 10th scar.

As a breast cancer survivor, and an ovarian cancer previvor, I can tell you from experience that the journey I had towards feeling comfortable in my own skin has been tumultuous. Cancer took my hair, my breasts, my ovaries and my chance to have a natural pregnancy. Yet, even though it has taken so much, it has also given me so much. ⁠

I am grateful for every morning I wake up. When I look at all my scars they are a reminder of the battles I fought and won. They are a reminder of my transformation into someone better than I was before my diagnosis. No matter how hard things might get, I greet each challenge with a smile and think, “Go ahead, give me your worst. I beat cancer, so I can tackle anything”! And that is the best gift of all.⁠”