When diagnosed with breast cancer, I had so much anxiety it was beyond overwhelming! I wanted to know everything about my diagnosis, I wanted to be empowered w/ knowledge so I could know all about my cancer-INSIDE and OUT!! This was scary enough! I learned about a test called MammaPrint. It is an early-stage personalized breast cancer test that looks at the genomic behavior of YOUR tumor to help guide treatment decisions for both chemotherapy & endocrine therapy. The test will result with either a genomic Low Risk (low benefit to chemo would outweigh the risk and long-term side effects) or a genomic High Risk (chemotherapy will help reduce your risk of cancer coming back). It can also help identify if extended endocrine (hormone) therapy is needed (Ultra Low Risk). MammaPrint can be used on any early-stage patient, regardless of age or ethnicity, w/ up to 3+ lymph nodes, 5cm or less and is FDA cleared. I had a deep discussion with my doctor, and we made the decision together to order it for me.

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