Breast Cancer: Thoughts on Gratitude

So grateful to have Trica-Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver and Learn Look Locate loyal follower, share her thoughts on gratitude:⁠

“Most research shows that the correlation between gratitude and a person’s overall well being are directly related. Serving others is one sure fire way to be able to find gratitude. ⁠

⁠When you pour your energy into the benefit of others, the journey becomes less about the fight and more about learning about the power that you own in your journey and within yourself. We are such powerful creatures, and we often misunderstand what we can accomplish with that power. When you tap into your innate resilience, and share your journey with the world, you learn to sit in the positive energy that creates. It is then that you connect with people on a level that will allow healing both spiritually and physiologically.⁠

Gratitude as an outpouring of service to others, forces you to put aside your own situations and emotions, and opens the door for the realization of how important you are in providing for the needs of others. Your ability to service others will trigger something in your own spirit that allows YOU to be grateful.

It takes a piece of your spirit and gives it to someone else. As you see that piece of your spirit work in favor of another human being, you will be reminded of what you have and in turn be grateful that you have it to give in the first place.⁠

⁠Gratitude is a crucial key to a joyful life. When you are able to find a place of gratitude, regardless of your circumstances, joy abounds. And joy is a deep-seated, non-circumstantial attitude of the heart that endures. ⁠

When you focus on gratitude, you will thrive. We have a responsibility to thrive, and a moral obligation to do so seated in joy and gratitude; with or without turmoil. ⁠

⁠Challenge yourself to discover your capacity to view hardships in such a way that those hardships become less influential in a negative way, and instead become a method to discover your own ability to thrive through joy and gratitude. Hold joy. Be grateful. You WILL thrive, and you WILL help others to do the same.”⁠