Your Story Matters

Your story is so important and can help soooo many people be more empowered, connected and educated about this complex disease. Each one of these amazing women have experienced breast cancer, at different ages, different stages and continue to share their journey in many ways to help educate people all over the world.
They share how they found their cancer, they share what it feels like to being diagnosed at such a young age, they are positive and inspiring to so many!

If you want to share your story to help educate others please let me know, send me a message on Instagram. Go see the survivors tab on website under the INSPIRE tab and see how many people are sharing their journey to help others newly diagnosed feel connected and not alone. What a gift all of you have given to someone who is frightened with their new devastating news.

We are creating a global movement for the support and education for breast cancer. I felt this was so needed when I was diagnosed and alone:( so know that your story is so important and we would love to feature you here on Learnlooklocate if you want to share.