Your Bloodwork

Have you ever wondered why do they keep taking our blood?? Seriously, every visit-blood work, then appointment….-bloodwork, appointment-right? ⁠

Til this day-I am still not clear on what it all means so grateful for Dr. Rahul Singh MedicalAdvisor/ Oncologist and his guidance he is providing for Learn Look Locate to help with this topic:⁠

“Laboratory tests, specifically blood work is not always indicated for surveillance of breast cancer & specifically for recurrence despite this, it can give a more clinical presepective for an oncologogist when following patients w/breast cancer. ⁠

An example of blood tests check for are liver function and tumor markers. These biochemical marker of breast cancer increase in conjunction w/advancing disease & reflect the total body burden of disease. Please keep in mind that these tests are neither sensitive nor specific for breast cancer relapse. They are very helpful in monitoring metastatic disease.⁠

Complete blood count is helpful to determine if a patient is tolerating treatment well & not developing side effects such as anemia or other problems like low white blood cell count.