Women and Mental Health

Christine, Ambassador for Learn Look Locate: her thoughts on mental health:⁠

“Mental health and it’s priority after a diagnosis and / or treatment is equal to the physical well being. Can’t have one or the other⁠, you have to nurture both.

When walking through the battle we have to allow others to help us which is always needed but can also be draining⁠.

From an emotional level we can get trapped in the gratitude takeover and focus on thanking and overcompensating to the people who try to help us. What what we need to do is take the help and heal first. The thanks and making others feel appreciated can come later. I remember getting home from chemo many times and worrying about writing notes to thank my friends for dinner, instead of laying in bed and healing and taking the mental time to process it all.⁠

Years later I look back and think how much easier it would have been to just stop and give myself the space to emotionally heal. We all cope differently, but for me, without my spiritual anchor, I am not sure I would have fought so hard.⁠

I do know that we can’t truly be there for our friends and family if we don’t heal, so take the space to meditate on what you need emotionally to get through while you are also physically trying to heal.”⁠

Thank you Christine for these beautiful words. ⁠

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www.christinehandy.com – Check out her website for more about her journey with breast cancer.⁠

Thank you to all my Learn Look Locate Ambassadors-together we are going to go global with this very important message!!⁠