Will I need Chemo?

Once diagnosed with breast cancer, it is a constant whirlwind of information, appointments, new terms that you have never heard of, but honestly all I thought of was what does this all mean and WILL I NEED CHEMO? ⁠

I had a tumor, I had breast cancer, I wanted to know more. How big was it and what will my prognosis be? I wanted to know this now, today, the minute they told me I had breast cancer. After searching the net for hours I discovered that there are actually tests that can help us understand more about the uniqueness of our tumor , will you benefit from chemo and the risk of recurrence.⁠

Seriously-this was amazing to me! I found this to be so cutting edge and found a test that provided it all called Mammaprint. ⁠

Mammaprint is an early-stage personalized breast cancer test that looks at the genes of YOUR tumor to guide treatment decisions. The test will result with either a low risk (your low benefit to chemo would outweigh the risk and long term side effects) or High Risk (chemo would benefit you to prevent cancer coming back).⁠

It can also identify if extended hormone therapy is needed (Ultralow Risk). Mammaprint can be used on an early stage patient, regardless of age, ethnicity, upd to 3 positive lymph nodes, 5cm tumor or less, and is FDA cleared.⁠

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