What is the personality of your tumor?

Every cancer has its own unique fingerprint which is determined by the presence or absence of certain proteins in the cancer cell. This information often guides what type of systemic treatment a breast cancer patient can benefit from. There are a number of different molecular profile tests available. If you have had breast cancer, ask your doctor for a copy of this report and read it front to back.”– Dr. Barry Rosen, Senior Medical Advisor for Learn Look Locate

You hear the words “you have breast cancer” and your mind is on overload as you are filled with anxiety and questions.

How big is it? What stage is it? Will I need chemo? Will I lose my hair? Will I lose my breasts? Will it come back after treatment? Who can I talk to that will understand any of this? I want to know more! Unlocking the answers to these and other questions was so critical for me when I was diagnosed, and I felt others would feel the same way. I wanted to empower myself with as much information about my tumor, my diagnosis, my prognosis, and my risk of recurrence. I was overwhelmed with anxiety and I just wanted to know everything about my walnut-sized tumor and what this all meant!

Let’s start at the beginning.

So, I wanted to know everything about my breast cancer, inside and out. What type of cancer is it? What made it grow? What stage is it? What grade is it? Does the size really matter? How aggressive is the tumor? How will my doctor determine treatment?

To learn more about the importance of Genomic Testing and how it can help guide your treatment, visit the EDUCATE tab under YOUR TUMOR! So important to know and understand this!