What does it mean to have a Fabulous Life?

One of the most fabulous parts about launching Learn Look Locate is meeting all of you! I want to introduce Tawnya from Canada one of my newest Ambassadors for Learn Look Locate. Tawnya is 28 years old, stage 1 survivor-diagnosed this March. We are honored to share her thoughts on her new life after breast cancer:⁠

⁠”What does it mean to have a fabulous life? For me it doesn’t mean living in the most beautiful house, having an expensive car or owning a designer purse. A fabulous life to me is being purely and authentically happy. Being happy doesn’t come from material things or having the best of everything… It’s making the best of everything, your life and your outlook on life. It’s not focusing on the negative or the bad things in life. Living a fabulous life to me means being grateful for the good and feeling blessed for what you have.

Take a moment today to look around and notice the things that make you smile, warm your heart and creates peace within your soul. No matter what life throws your way, we all have a choice in how we react to what’s going on around us, to us and within us. As a little girl, I would pray to grow up to just be loved and happy. Even with all the challenges and difficulties life has served me with, I am so loved and happy – I love my fabulous life.”⁠