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It is so hard to think of beautiful things when you receive a cancer diagnosis. Your mind immediately goes to dark places and races with questions like “Why is this happening to me? Did I do something to deserve this”? It might seem almost impossible to use your imagination in a positive way, however, the brain is one of our most powerful organs. If you can trust that this too shall pass, that you will get through this journey, you can start to let your imagination take you to the new you, the new life, and a new way of living.

Cancer teaches you to appreciate things differently and in a way that is crisper, clearer and sometimes more colorful. If we envision our metamorphosis as we venture through this difficult time, we can start to imagine our new and improved self, a second chance at a new way of living, with more gratitude that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling #life. Think, dream, plan…let your imagination run wild with new possibilities as the new you emerges from the cocoon. Stretch your new colorful wings and fly to new heights.