Welcome Roxanne, a new LLL blogger!

Cancer is like fingerprint. Everyone’s experience is different. How we choose to fight, share, learn, etc is so unique. I can line up other BC patients who “are the same” as me, but they will have a different experience than I have. Their treatment could vary, how they respond is different, their options not the same, and what surgery they choose could be different. Even the order of what’s done is so dependent on so many variables. We are all as unique as the fingerprints on our hands. ⁠⁠
Similar, but not the same.⁠

With that said, I also want to share not everyday is easy for me. Weeks, days, even the hours of the day can be like a roller coaster. As a self diagnosed incurable optimist, I choose to see the good. I want to share the positive. FOR ME, it’s imperative for my growth, journey, and overall mental health and healing process. You all have helped so much in that process, thank you!⁠

This is MY STORY. I choose to share because I know this will hit someone when the need It. Maybe not today or even this year. But, one day…Maybe it will help them.⁠

While I have majority good weeks, days, and hours there are hard things too. This is not glamorous situation. For all those who are fighting beside me and before me; I see ya.⁠

For a little real talk, here is a random list of things I would say are not awesome to deal with.⁠
* Medical induced Menopause.⁠
* Hot flashes – SERIOUSLY LADIES!!!!⁠
* Chronic Insomnia – IT TRULY SUCKS, but years of pregnancy and babies, I’ve been in the⁠
Habit for years! 😂⁠
* Chemo Brain – can be equated to pregnancy⁠
Brain & makes me question if “I can make⁠
It through”.⁠
* Gross & Ultra sensitive fingernails – the drug⁠
I’m on is known to turn them black and have⁠
The possibility to fall off. So hoping w/ 3 left, I’ll keep them!⁠
TIREDNESS that hits outta the blue.
* I miss messy bun, I’m ok w/o hair but I do miss it. I miss getting dolled up. I TRULY miss my
Eyebrows and eyelashes more than the hair
Though. I did come to terms with not shaving anymore and my arm pits have never been smoother!
* BONE PAIN that comes and goes so quickly,
but will take you to your knees.
*Dry eyes are the worst! Eyes feel like they are glued together and I’m constantly using eye
*Steroids… the sound fun but aren’t! Side note, not all cancer patients loose weight. Some gain and some stay the same. Let’s not comment on that to them. My scale has adjusted 8 lbs here and there, but stand at a loss of less than a lb from start of treatment to today’s appointment.

Sooooo, in full transparency- this is my
💩 list. It’s not as bad as some fighters so
I feel super blessed but also know this is
Manageable. I went into this with a strong-ish
Body and attitude. Cancer doesn’t discriminate on who it attacks, some people very close
To me aren’t as lucky as I’ve been.

Some other things Cancer brought to the table
*Fear – will it come back?
* Life Insurance, Wills, Estates,
* finishing the darn baby books!
* Somewhat isolation; between staying healthy
In general and Covid; I sooooo miss
*Google sucks. I stay off the internet as it always has the worst news!