Previvor, Florida

“I’m Tracy Milgram-Posner an advocate of women’s health and the Founder of BRCAStrong Non-Profit 501c3.”

The overall goal of BRCAStrong is to navigate our members through the various stages they go through as Previvors, Thrivers and Survivors. The organization also wants to empower women living with mastectomies and help the best it can with the wonderful network of women it has formed, the right foundation, and informative physicians to properly support their needs. ⁠
I created BRCAStrong in 2015 with this message in mind. I felt there was a need to give back to women who are in need of post mastectomy garments and help them feel whole again.⁠

As a Previvor myself, who found out at the age of 21 years old I carry the BRCA 2 gene mutation, I can sympathize with many women going through this process. At 32 years old I made the difficult decision to undergo a robotic hysterectomy and a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. I know what it’s like to feel isolated and so I formed this organization to help women feel whole again. ⁠

Tracy Milgram-Posner ⁠
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