There’s no Playbook

There are no rules for how to have cancer. You don’t know what to ask, who to trust, or how to behave. Fear is everywhere: fear of dying, fear of treatment, fear of not asking a crucial question.

My radiation oncologist recognized I needed information and support that was different from the usual resources. He told me about a breast cancer survivor whose website was turning the cancer conversation on its head. Within minutes of seeing I was at home in the aesthetic.

LLL is Beautiful. Uplifting. Welcoming. Most importantly, it’s about the patient first and the disease second. LLL presents vetted, cutting edge clinical information that’s digestible and usable. LLL helped me ask intelligent, informed questions without feeling as though I was challenging or possibly insulting my care team. The LLL community is strong, caring, and conversant. LLL brings together everyone touched by breast cancer in an honest, open, loving space.

LLL is the one breast cancer resource I found that reaches beyond statistics to the person. Cancer people need something to believe in. It’s time for a new aesthetic. LLL is that aesthetic.