The Power of Partnering with the experts!

Learn Look Locate is a now a channel partner with TME Breast Care Network. Our goal is to work together to help educate and empower anyone touched by breast cancer. Who is TME Breast Care Network and why the partnership? “TME is a group of community-leading breast cancer doctors whose goal is to cut through the avalanche of “new developments” in breast cancer, eliminating the spurious and implementing genuine advances.” They are a network of clinicians, researchers, educators, and companies whose core mission is to improve the quality and access to advanced targeted cancer care by fostering high-quality and comprehensive educational resources and research. Their specialty is breast cancer from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, to survivorship. We want to empower people about breast cancer on the same levels that TME does-prevention, diagnosis, treatment to survivorship. We, as survivors, have many questions, and TME Breast Care Network has the answers so we are bridging the much-needed gap with the experts in their respective fields to educate people on every aspect of this disease.