The Emotional Side of Breast Cancer

When I got diagnosed with breast cancer, my cancer center offered me group sessions with others going through it or a mentor program called Imerman Angels. I decided to do the mentor program and I am so glad I did! The paired me up with a woman who Michigan who provided me with so much knowledge and comfort to help me get through this very difficult journey. She is one of the reasons why I started Learn Look Locate because if you don’t have a friend or relative who has gone through this battle, you don’t know anything. My angel armed with so much information to ask my doctors and from then on I just kept wanting to know more! Til this day I still text and share my journey with her and her support and emotional guidance has been priceless. I was alone on my journey so my angel meant the world to me. Don’t be shy, reach out and connect with Imerman Angels-they are international and can connect you with another warrior who will help empower you and give you a sense of calm which is so desperately needed during a time like this-All my love, Cynthia.

The emotional side of breast cancer is so important to recognize and address, we continue to collaborate w/ Imerman Angels to make sure NOBODY goes through cancer alone!

Imerman Angles’ mission is to provide comfort and understanding for all cancer fighters, survivors, previvors & caregivers through a personalized, one-on-one connection with someone who has been there. Both Imerman Angles & Learn Look Locate envision a world where cancer is not a solitary experience.

Imerman Angels