Sleep Patterns

How has your sleep changed because of breast cancer?⁠

Many people find that their sleep is disrupted when they are diagnosed with breast cancer. This may continue during treatment and for some time after treatment has ended. In most cases, sleep patterns will eventually return to normal.⁠

What causes sleep disruption?⁠

Stress & anxiety you may have concerns about the future or worries about relationships with friends & family & their expectations of you. Feeling anxious can stop you from getting to sleep, or cause you to wake in the night or wake up early. Changes to your sleep pattern may have changed while you were having chemotherapy.⁠

Changes to your daily routine being diagnosed with breast cancer may have affected what you do each day. ⁠

Side effects of treatment – some treatments have side effects that can interfere with your sleep. For example, hormone (endocrine) therapies can cause menopausal symptoms, which can mean sleep is disrupted by night sweats or hot flushes.⁠