Your Mammogram-Be Empowered!

As someone who hasn’t had breast cancer run in my family, I used to think getting a mammogram was the only thing I needed to do, because I thought this technology alone could detect any sign of breast cancer. I wonder if other people think that way too, especially those of us who have no family history of breast cancer. We don’t give any of this a second thought because we assume the mammogram will do ALL the work and provide information that gives us certainty that there are no tumors whatsoever.⁠

Well, for me that was not the case at all! For years, I received a note after getting a mammogram stating my results were “normal with extremely dense breasts,” but I had no idea that my breast density was a huge risk factor for me, and nobody ever told me this very important piece of information. ⁠
One year, when I got a call back from my doctor due to something suspicious, it was discovered that I had a walnut-sized tumor growing for possibly years! How did I not know this? How did the radiologist not know this? Why didn’t anyone order supplemental screening, knowing that I had a huge risk factor due to having dense breasts?!⁠

So, what if your radiologist could take a closer look at your mammogram with 3D mammography and was able to detect cancer earlier and alert your radiologists about any suspicious areas that might need a closer look? What if there was a way to provide more clarity and certainty with your mammogram so that your radiologist could see more clearly through very dense tissue?⁠

That is what ProFound AI can do! ⁠
ProFound AI is the first FDA cleared 3D tomosynthesis software using artificial intelligence. It rapidly and accurately analyzes each 3D mammogram image, giving your radiologist a deeper insight to your mammogram. This technology is clinically proven to help doctors find cancers earlier, and also reduce false positives and unnecessary supplemental tests for women. So, when you go in for your next mammogram, be sure to ask them to get a CLOSER LOOK. ASK if they are using ProFound AI; it could be lifesaving and help your radiologist detect any sign of cancer earlier. ⁠

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