2x Survivor, North Carolina

“I am probably the only person or first person to ever compete on a national stage with tissue expanders.”

When I first got the news about my breast cancer coming back, I was so scared! I knew this time I had to take a more aggressive approach with my treatment plan plus have a bilateral mastectomy. I did not know what my body was going to look like after that! Then the thought of showing my body off in a swimsuit, in front of thousands of people, on a national stage JUST 3 MONTHS LATER!! BUT I told myself, I will not let cancer take this opportunity from me!

With hope, strength, and the courage to carry on – I said to myself… it will be fine, I can do this! I did this not only for me but to inspire others like me going through breast cancer that may not feel confident/comfortable enough to continue to live no matter the appearance side of things.