Nipple Tattooing-Get Informed!

Professional medical tattoo artists are opening up the discussion are shining a light on the bad tattoos being done on breast cancer survivors. One question we asked was “How do survivors find information about nipple tattoos?”. As I was researching news articles on the topic, there was a common theme in almost every article. Comparing the similarities of nipple tattoos to microblading.
This is completely wrong.

Commonly, the PMU( permanent makeup) and cosmetic tattoo industry has incorporated areola tattoos to their service. Some artists also offer “online training” to other pmu artists who want to add nipple tattooing to their salons. Charging thousand of dollars with minimal requirements for taking the class. Training portrays tattooing car tissue as a “flaw” in the skin without the deeper understanding of working with fragile, compromised skin. On top of this, no traditional tattoo training is required. The wrong inks, tools, needles and techniques, meant for face/makeup tattoos, are being used and encouraged to use on scar tissue.

Improper handling of tattoo equipment, using machines not meant for body tattoos and unstable cosmetic pigments is a recipe for disaster. The results are heavily scarred, botched and faded nipple tattoos. The damage is not just physical but takes a huge emotional toll to the women receiving them.

Artists around the world are joining together to bring awareness to survivors.

Nicole M. Rizzuto
Medical Tattoo Artist, CST