Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer?⁠

We are here for you. There are so many beautiful souls in this special community that are here to connect with who understand what you are feeling.⁠

Meet Mindy, one of our amazing Emotional Contributors for Learn Look Locate who dedicates so much of her time to helping others so nobody feels alone on this journey. ⁠

We are sharing our stories all over the world so we make sure you know we are here for you. Please be sure to visit Mindy’s page, she has so many incredible tips and posts to inspire you! Come join the global movement, come see blogs and survivor stories on website-link is in the bio and read about people from all over the world sharing their stories. ⁠

We are a warm authentic global outreach connecting, educating and inspiring every day. We are intermingling with the medical community to be more empowered about our diagnosis and treatment. If you are newly diagnosed and want to connect, please let us know. We have a partnership with Imerman Angels, they are a free one to one mentor support program and can connect you with someone what has been there and understands. We believe nobody should go through cancer alone.⁠