New Blog From “The Rookie” on “THAT PHONE CALL”

Did you need The Phone Call to confirm your diagnosis or did you already know way before that? I knew the minute the mammo tech asked me if I had lost weight because “oh your breast changed shape a little that’s all.”

That’s all?!?! I wanted to release myself from that horrible machine and see what she was seeing. Then the waiting – the real anxiety – kicks in. We can suffer weeks upon weeks of waiting to get mammo results, schedule ultrasounds, schedule biopsies, get pathology results. It’s awful. Some women wait 6-8 weeks for all of this, maybe longer if they seek a second opinion about the ultrasound or biopsy.

Why ain’t this all the same day?! I was fortunate to have a radiology practice where they x-ray you and do the ultrasound and, if needed, biopsy at the same appointment. He reads the film on site. The MOMENT is if the tech comes out and says “you can get dressed now” or if she asks you to step back into the office. Then you know. Maybe it’s not cancer, maybe he’s just seeing something he wants you to watch, but it’s not a clean release and see ya next year.

Waiting for biopsy results. More angst! Then the phone rings, you see the caller ID but you already know. Same with our Pap smears. If the nurse or the recorded line calls you, it’s an instant deep breath. When the doctor calls, you’re instantly holding your breath.

I remember exactly what the radiologist said when he called the day after my biopsy, “I think you already suspected this is cancer. It is. It’s what we call triple negative. Stay off the internet. Come in tomorrow and we’ll get you set up with surgical and oncology consults. Let us answer your questions face to face.” Within a week I had both consults and a start date for chemo. Quite lucky to have that responsive care! Everyone should have that.

But waiting for “The Call”, that sucked. And it sucked waiting for post-op pathology report. And it still sucks waiting for each scan, mammo and signatera test result. Only people who know this fear can understand your anxiety. Stick those people. Take solace in their empathy. We’re here for each other. ❤️

My advise: Don’t be pressured to act or take treatment until you find your comfort zone with a provider. Wonderful medical professionals on @learnlooklocare. If any are in your area, Seek Them Out!!! Personally I can’t say enough about Dr. Barry Rosen and Dr. Rajenderan in the Chicago NW burb