Mindy, a breast cancer survivor

Navigating Bone Health: My Journey Beyond Breast Cancer Treatment ‌

Facing Unexpected Challenges: Coping with Bone Thinning After Chemotherapy

Learning my bones were thinning and in a big way after completing IV chemotherapy and while still in the first year of what would be a total of nearly 6 years of endocrine therapies for triple positive breast cancer was an awful experience.

Embracing Reality: Wrestling with Fears and Identity

I immediately envisioned a clip from Family Guy of Peter Griffin saying “I wish I had no bones” and his immediately turning into a flesh puddle on the floor, but only his context was to prevent being injured in a fight. I did not want to be Peter Griffin. I then thought of Sam Jackson as Mr. Glass in Unbreakable and had an immediate meltdown. Mrs. Glass. I was turning into Mrs. Glass.

Advocating for Care: Seeking Expertise and Support

How could I enjoy my riskier-than-what-I-choose-to-share off-trail boulder climbs on our many hiking trips? Even walking down the street, if I tripped and fell over a curb, I could be seriously injured. And so I took my osteopenia and osteoporosis diagnoses both just as seriously. I respectfully shared with my oncologist that while he is my beloved cancer expert, for my bones, and given my age at the time + the fact that I wasn’t of the typical osteopenia/osteoporosis demographic, I needed a bone health expert to educate me and to help me to make an informed decision about how to treat my now secondary health condition. My onc was in full support and because endocrinologists are the specialty in medicine that manage bone health when there’s a hormonal component, the referral was made and I couldn’t be happier with adding another expert to my team.

Empowerment Through Knowledge: Understanding Treatment Options

✨Because understanding our treatment options is a powerful, powerful thing✨

And please know this post is *not* to constitute medical advice. It’s my story and no matter what the endocrinologist recommended, I was prepared to follow through ?

I’m also happy to share the science behind the exercise component of my treatment plan, but I’m out of space here. Let me know if you want me to share that in another post!

Learn Look Locate by Your Side

While conquering breast cancer is a monumental achievement, navigating the long-term effects of treatment can present new hurdles. Here at Learn Look Locate, we understand this. We stand with you, Mindy, and all breast cancer survivors facing bone health concerns or other post-treatment challenges. Our comprehensive resources provide information and support to empower you to advocate for your well-being. Whether you seek guidance on treatment options, connect with a supportive community, or simply have questions, Learn Look Locate is here for you every step of the way.