Moose and Doc

Moose and the Doc

Breast Cancer Information: Moose and Doc – This breast cancer site has hundreds of pages, so come and take a look. Simply type in your search term on the homepage to discover hundreds of pages of information written by a physician…with a slight twist of humor.

Dear Dr Halls, I need to compliment you with your site. I am from the Netherlands and got diagnosed … in July this year. Every time I am looking for info I end up on your site; informative but also with a twist of humor. Thanks! —Monique v.d.A

This information website has been around for many years, originally created between the years 2000 and 2003 and is still going strong. It is absolutely unique in that it was developed and designed by Dr. Halls, who has many years of research experience and clinical practice in the field. The site mixes the medical information on each condition with an easy-to-understand, fun format that the general reader can relate to.

There is everything that you need to know about types, screening, treatment, prognosis and benign conditions of the breast.

Chat characters help explain certain concepts and answer questions. Last, and certainly not least, the revolutionary Moose adds her own unique sense of humor and inspiration to the mix.

The website continues to be a work in progress and is regularly updated with all the latest information.