Stage 3, United Kingdom

“It’s time to share my story! Here it goes my friends.”

After Ollie got the all clear in June last year I finally saw the doctor about a pea-sized lump I’d found in my right breast the previous November. An electric shock shot straight through me when the words “I’m so sorry, its breast cancer”. I immediately wanted to know “What stage am I at? When do I start my treatment? Chemotherapy began just 7 days later, soon my hair started falling out in clumps (I found that hard). 7 months later I celebrated the end of chemotherapy with probably my best ever Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Surgery was next. In January at The Royal Marsden, London I discussed my options; a single mastectomy or a smaller lumpectomy. I chose the latter knowing if it wasn’t a success I’d have to return to the UK for a mastectomy. Only 20% of women get a complete response to chemo, but thankfully, I was one of them. It improved my chances of the surgery working. After recovering from surgery back in Dubai, on 7th Feb I launched into 22 sessions of radiotherapy.

After chemotherapy, radiotherapy seemed an absolute breeze. I looked forward to celebrating the end of my treatment so much! Then Covid 19 hit! Many people ask how I feel about the experience I have been through. It changes you and the change is beautiful. Cancer was a wake-up call for many things in my life, it made me realize who and what really matters. I felt like I died and came back to life again. Once I had overcome breast cancer I wasn’t afraid of anything anymore. I am simply grateful to my husband, my family, my friends and the incredible doctors and nurses who cared for both Ollie and I. Please, if you find a lump, get it investigated immediately, whatever else is going on in your life. P.s, this picture was taken last September on my birthday . I had 8wks left till chemo was done .