I am a stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor.

I found my cancer when I noticed how tender my armpit was while applying deodorant, which lead me to notice my entire breast was swollen, and soon my arm was sore like I worked out. If you notice ANYTHING abnormal with your body, PUSH for scans – time is of the essence.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer-Dr. Charles Weaver, Medical Advisor
This rare type makes up less than 5% of all breast cancers. Its symptoms are different from those of other breast cancers. Cancer cells block lymphatic vessels in your breast (similar to blood vessels, except they carry lymphatic fluid). This causes the skin to swell, turn red, and thicken. Parts of your breast might look like the skin of an orange. Inflammatory breast cancer can spread quickly. A rare type of breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer develops rapidly and causes red, swollen, and tender breasts. Cancer cells block lymphatic vessels in the skin covering the breast, resulting in a characteristic red, swollen appearance.

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