Meet my Medical Advisors!

Wow. Just Wow. I am speechless and honored to have each one of these amazing people be such an important part of my global mission.

The idea of Learn Look Locate was originated at my kitchen table in the middle of my breastcancer diagnosis. I was not only in complete shock that I had no family history but more importantly how MUCH I didn’t know about the complexity of this disease.

My goal was to bridge the much needed gap between the patient and physicians, but in a manner that resonates, providing a warm authentic approach for all of us to connect and be empowered.

EACH ONE of these talented physicians are aligned with my mission and continue to help EVERY week with guidance, interviews and knowledge from their area of expertise. Each medical advisor has dedicated their time and expertise on a web page focusing on their area of expertise. In addition, they have extension of their page with an interview with me, providing a human touch, which I feel is so important.

They are from all over the unitedstates and I am just so grateful to have their ongoing support on this unique platform.

We are changing the conversations about breastcancer and bringing cuttingedge treatments and tests to the forefront while connecting with survivors from all over the world.

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