Meet Mindy!

She dedicates herself every day to helping others in the breast cancer community.   I wanted to honor and recognize her amazing kindness that she spreads to all of us touched by breast cancer,  especially the newly diagnosed.  This letter is for you from Mindy:

An open letter to those newly diagnosed with breast cancer:

Hi. ?

You may not know me yet. You may not know us yet. The fact that these words are meeting your gaze means this message was meant to find you. We were meant to find you, and you, us.

You might be wondering who we are. We are the breast cancer community, a robust support family of love and hope, a sisterhood of solidarity. We will show up for you within seconds of your reach. Together, we will wrap our weathered arms of experience around you and we will hold you close. Never again will you have to feel alone or misunderstood.

This journey you are embarking upon…

Though it may be wrought with challenges and uncertainty, we want you to know that this can be done. And we are here to demonstrate exactly that, that is possible to thrive again. Our mission is to instill in your heart the peace and belief that this will get better and that there is still joy to be found in every day. It will, and it is.

Whether you or someone else discovered your cancer, it has been revealed and the now that is here has been designed to help you to meet the supreme healing that you long to achieve.

Please know that your body has not failed you; it merely didn’t know how else to tell you something was amiss. Your body is not working against you, but with you. With every pulse and every breath, your body is striving to demonstrate to you that it is working relentlessly, that it can be trusted again.

The hours may be long, but as the only constant in life is time, they will transform into opportunities for healing. Hold on. Hold fast your faith. Envision your mind and body, healed. Believe it will be.

Look to us, those that have walked this path before you. Embrace our stories of survivorship. You are us and we are you, existing in the same spaces but at different times.