Meet Dr. Anne Peled-Sensation Preservation Mastectomy

I’m a breast cancer and reconstruction surgeon in San Francisco and also a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer in 2017, which strengthened my commitment to advocating and educating on better breast surgery options. ⁠

I feel strongly about making sure that people learn not only about the oncologic outcomes from recommended breast cancer treatments, but also the potential long-term side effects of treatments and the psychological and physical impact. After my own experience going through breast cancer treatment, my husband Dr. Ziv Peled (@peledmigraine), who is a peripheral nerve surgeon, and I pioneered a new technique to allow for sensation preservation after mastectomy to minimize or eliminate the chest numbness that typically occurs after mastectomy.⁠

Seeing breast cancer survivors being able to look and feel like themselves again after undergoing nerve-sparing mastectomy and other types of oncoplastic surgery is the most rewarding part of my breast surgery practice and something I hope to continue to innovate more in the future!⁠