Meet Beth from Ohio – Stage 3-Diep Flap Reconstruction

Meet Beth from Ohio!  She is from Ohio and has been a wonderful supporter of helping connect and educate to help other people by sharing not only her breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year.  I invited her back because she recently had the DIEP flap procedure and she has been really happy with the results.  So, I thought I would continue bringing back more education on reconstruction so if you would like to share your experience to help women all over the world know more about the procedure you decided to do please send me a DM!  We want to share all of the stories we can to help each other be more empowered when it comes to all aspects of breast cancer.  I HAD NO IDEA about DIEP FLAP-nobody offered it to me at all?  How about you?  Did you know about this procedure?  For more visit the breast reconstruction page under the EDUCATE tab.