Meet Adera

Reaching across the globe to South Africa -creating friendships and connections with Learn Look Locate.

Meet my dear friend Adera , she is a #model and a breas tcancer survivor in her 30’s.

She continues to celebrate her beauty through her battle. despite the loss of her #hair.

We made a global connection on instagram and spent an hour on zoom , sharing the same tears over the#emotional impact this disease has had on our lives.

We were in the same type a career and had similar issues while going through #treatment. We now have created a forever bond from across the globe all because of breast #cancer.

I want to celebrate her victory over this battle with you with this beautiful picture she sent me. Our friendship continues to grow as we navigate survivorship together! This disease has no borders!

My name is Adera, originally from #Kenya but lived in SA for over 20 years. My journey as a breast cancer survivor has been an ongoing process. I was diagnosed with dcis stage 0 on my left breast.

My line of treatment was skin sparing #mastectomy. Then in November 2020 I felt 2 tiny lumps literally the size of a peanut. Bearing in mind I had been going for a 3 month check up and #mammogram #screening.

Given the all clear , my breast surgeon diagnosed it as fat necrosis. However, my plastic #surgeon insisted biopsies needed to be done after the removal of the peanut sized lumps.

Results of the biopsies confirmed that I have stage 0 & stage 1 invasive breast cancer. Her full story is on the survivor page under the INSPIRE tab.

We are now such close friends and are there for each other, no matter where we live!

Connect, comment and share….this is the one silver lining – the amazing people we are meeting because of breast cancer.

Thank you Adera, for celebrating your story and your modeling with all of us to inspire so many women all over the world to feel beautiful matter what! You are a beautiful woman inside and out and I am so honored to know you and call you my dear friend.