Loving Your Body

Breast cancer takes its toll on us, both physically and psychologically. Society puts a lot of emphasis on women’s breasts. ⁠

Introducing Patti from Canada: a breast cancer fighter, blogger and Surthrivor. Her thoughts:⁠

“They” are what differentiates us form men. We have “them” ….they don’t. But breasts are NOT what makes a woman. Having undergone a double mastectomy June 13, 2018 I have struggled with the “new me.”⁠

As someone who makes a living promoting brands and image, I know only too well the world judges people and things on how they look. And let’s face it ladies, how we look affects how we feel. Think of how good you feel after you’ve had your hair cut, or when you’ve found that perfect pair of shoes. Your confidence increases, you stand up a little straighter and you feel, even if only for a moment, that you can take on the world! Its a GREAT feeling.⁠

After my mastectomy, I wondered for a long time if I would ever feel that way again. Clothes didn’t fit the way they used to, and I didn’t recognize the reflection I saw in the mirror. It was hard…and some days it still is. But I learned that my breasts did not define the woman I am. Losing them did not diminish my intelligence, my humour, my love for cooking, my passion and dedication for my business or my love of life!⁠

Breast cancer has forced me to take a long hard look at myself…and I like what I see!⁠

With or without breasts, I am still Patti. Strong, determined and beautiful. My breasts do not define me….I DO!⁠

Patti started writing a blog about her breast cancer journey and will be joining Learn Look Locate often to share her thoughts on specific topics. Her blog is tatcancer.blog. She does an amazing job expressing her thoughts and feelings⁠