Loving ourselves for who we are now, because we were born this way!

How often do you judge, criticize or complain about your body? If you are like most women, you do this more than you would like. You may voice these complaints in your head or aloud to others. You may have had negative thoughts and feelings about your body long before breast cancer, and you may find these thoughts hard to control or change. Breast cancer and its treatment may have strained your relationship with your body even more. Look at the demands and expectations you are placing on your body, and ask yourself whether you are being realistic and fair.

Do you strive to look like other women who have a different body type? Do you strive to look the way you did five or ten years ago? Are you placing unrealistic demands on your body to look the way it did before having breast cancer? Any of these things increase the chance that you will feel dissatisfied with your body. Suggestions for How to Improve Your Relationship with your body be kind to yourself when having negative thoughts and feelings about your body. It is okay to not like things about the way you look sometimes. Even though you accept your body, you do not have to like everything about your body or feel satisfied with the way you look. Having a healthy body image means that you are aware of what you like and dislike but are willing to accept yourself “as is.”⁠