Love Yourself!

Valentine’s Day is not only about loving others it is about loving yourself, especially now-more than ever! I remember feeling so alone and scared when diagnosed that I truly had to find the most incredible inner strength to get through the two weeks before my surgery. I had faced the unimaginable and realized that I needed to really find ways to love myself, my body and the journey that I was facing ahead of me. The fear of the unknown is so frightening, but I truly believe if we take time to love ourselves we can find a sense of calm to get through the storm-not always easy! This is a special day for LearnLookLocate-2 years ago I launched this unique platform so that nobody would feel alone and that we could connect with each other to find some sense of connection and compassion. I hope you have found that here along with education and empowerment about your diagnosis and treatment! Love yourself for all you have been through-it will make you indestructible!!! Sending everyone all over the world so much love today and always, Cynthia