Love and Peace

Love. It’s one of the most studied, but least understood, of all the human behaviors.

Confusion about love comes because in English we have only one word to describe many types of “love”. We also confuse all types of love with infatuation or the fulfilling of a need or an emotional trade of some kind.

Our typical understanding of love is that it is a feeling and along with that feeling come expectations, conditions, and sometimes emotional pain.

When we are fortunate enough to experience it, both as giver and receiver, we find that love heals in mind, spirit and body and brings joy and fulfillment to our lives.

Love is bigger than us. We can invite love, but we cannot dictate how, when, and where love expresses itself. We can choose to surrender to love or not, but in the end, love is unpredictable and irrefutable.

Love is inherently free. It cannot be bought, sold, or traded. You cannot make someone love you, nor can you prevent it. Love allows room for anger, grief, or pain to be expressed and released. However, love cannot be turned on as a reward, and it cannot be turned off as a punishment.

Love cares what becomes of you, because love knows that we are all interconnected. Love is inherently compassionate and empathic. Love honors the sovereignty of each soul. Love is its own law. Love heals.

It is a difficult concept for the intellectual mind to grasp. It doesn’t have an opposite. It’s universal. Love is power.

At any moment, each of us can tap into this power within ourselves. We are fully embodied and beautiful manifestations of divine presence. We are not separate from this power – we are this power.

You are your Higher Self here in physical form. And miracles happen the moment you have faith in and listen to the wisdom waiting within. The love of oneself is reflected in others. We are all interconnected.

And in understanding others, you have understood yourself. You are more powerful than you could ever imagine – and never alone.

So beautifully written by Tricia-Stage 4 featured last week –