Life After Cancer

So honored to have Rachelle, one of our young EMOTIONAL CONTRIBUTORS for Learn Look Locate share her perspective on LIFE AFTER CANCER⁠

It’s not exactly cookie cutter.⁠

Some take years to get back in the groove, and some hit the ground running.⁠

Every experience is unique, as there is no “right or wrong”. Treatments and surgeries affect your physical and mental in various ways dependent upon the circumstances circling your life as you battle cancer.⁠

You see… some have caretakers, deep pockets, and maybe even the luxury to handpick their team of doctors from around the world. While on the other hand, some need to care of themselves, finance their hospital bills, and see any doctor who is willing to take their insurance (or lack thereof).⁠

The thing about cancer is that it doesn’t discriminate despite your life position.⁠

Treatments and surgeries aren’t exactly something you can delay and resume at your convenience.⁠

Trust me, at 29 there were many other things I would’ve rather done.⁠

But these just accumulated as part of my life’s story. Tragedies and joys are inevitable, but despite the ups and downs, we still carry the power of choice.⁠

That is the only control I had during my cancer battle. I got to choose victim or victor everyday. Not everyday was an inspirational victorious monument, but I sure as hell made sure I knew that I had the power of choice, whether I choice the good thing or not.