How Did I Not Know That I Had a Tumor?

As we go about our daily lives how are we supposed to really know we have a tumor? For some of us, we were able to find it ourselves, for others by accident and for some not at all.

Breast cancer can be silent and painless and unless we know more, do more, raise more awareness some women might never know that they have a tumor until it is too late!

It is so critical that we do self-breast checks, that we learn more about all the early signs of breast cancers, that we share more, and be more proactive.

We all think this can never happen to us but knowing more can help a friend or relative understand the signals We need to share our personal stories about what to look for and what to do so they know more. It is critical that we continue to spread awareness and education on all aspects of breast cancer to help men and women know more! ⁠