Healing after Radiation

Many women will require radiation therapy as part of their treatment plan. In some cases, some complications may arise months to years after radiation, resulting in ulceration to the breast that may require further surgery. Irradiated tissue is not like unirradiated tissue in that it doesn’t heal as well. Therefore you may be at higher risk of complications for radiation injury if you have surgery.

This therapy reduces complications from surgery performed in the irradiated area. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (also referred to as HBOT or HBO2) is most effective when started before surgery and immediately after surgery, allowing your body to build up new blood vessels before the surgery and then supporting that tissue with extra doses of oxygen to enhance healing.

If radiation and surgery are part of your treatment plan, get a hyperbaric consult before surgery. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to use hyperbaric oxygen therapy by thinking about it after your surgery or after your wound has failed to heal. Learn more